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Spor Merkezi

Located by the lake, the Sports Center includes a Main Hall with a capacity of 1250 people, 4 studios, a squash court, a fitness center, 8 locker rooms and offices

ana salon

Sports Center Main Hall is a multi-purpose sports hall with a capacity of 1250 spectators and suitable for basketball, volleyball and handball sports.

The hall can be divided in half with a curtain and can be used for two fields at the same time


Field dimensions: 102 m. x 64m. is.

It has A quality artificial grass ground in accordance with FIFA standards.

It is used in team trainings, official competitions, and tournaments.

There is no reservation or free use.

antrenman salonu

It is located behind the Sports Center in the southwest of the campus.

There are two multi-purpose fields in the Training Hall and two Locker Rooms, one for women and one for men.

Suitable for use in Tennis, Volleyball, Indoor Football, Handball and Badminton.

Those who want to use the fields can make reservations at free hours that are convenient for them.

halı saha

It is located between the Sports Center and the Training Hall.

Field dimensions are 50 x 30 meters.

The Artificial Football Field is open to the use of University students and employees 24 hours a day, with lighting at night.

Those who want to use the football field can use the reservation system.

fitness salonu

Our fitness center located in the Sports Center includes 15 fully functional treadmills with touch screen, internet, television, USB and iPod features, 17 cardio equipment with various features, 19 weight stations, 5 multifunctional weight equipment and various free equipment.

squash kortu

The Squash court located in the Sports Center, meets international standards and can be reserved using the reservation system.


There are three studios in the Sports Center: two with plastic floors and one with parquet floors.

Group exercise activities such as Pilates, Yoga, Bosu, Pilates Reformer, Dance classes etc. are carried out in these studios.

Tırmanma Duvarı

The Climbing Wall is dedicated to our Nature Sports Club. To use the wall, you must attend club training and obtain a qualification certificate.

koşu parkuru


The Running Path and Exercise Track around the pond is open to all users with lighting at night. The track has a 550m running track and a total of 14 exercise stations for different purposes.

Egzersiz Stüdyosu

The Sports Center and Training Hall are open between 9:00 - 22:00 on weekdays and 13:00 - 20.00 on weekends.

Artificial football field and running track are open for use 7 / 24.